This tier of CBD flower is greenhouse grown and higher quality than outdoor grown CBD flowers.

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    Sour Lemon Kush

    A challenge to grow, a beauty to finish. Sour Lemon Kush is chunky, sticky, oily, and terp heavy. A sour Lemon front ...
    CBD: 21.5%
    Total THC: 0.83%
    $5.00$70.00 Select options
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    Orange Cream Diesel

    Creamy, fruity with notes of kiwi, orange, and chocolate, come off this high yielding lady. We love Orange Cream Diesel ...
    CBD: 20.7%
    Total THC: 0.86%
    $5.00$70.00 Select options
  • Elektra

    Elektra was by crossing Early Resin Berry and ACDC. This CBD-dominant cross has light green and orange buds that give ...
    CBD: 17.7%
    Total THC: 1.34%
    $7.00$64.00 Select options
  • Black Cherry Blossom

    Black Cherry Blossom While its sharp, citrus musk appeal is first noticeable it also carries with it spicy, diesel, and ...
    CBD: 19.8%
    Total THC: 0.44%
    $7.00$64.00 Select options
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