Hawaiian Haze B1

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This Hawaiian Haze has a super strong odor with terpenes bursting with tropical flavor. These flowers are some of the stickiest hemp flowers I have seen while trimming.

The buds range from 2″ – 8″ and are very resinous and dense. This would be a great choice for those looking to press.

The top terpenes in this batch are:

Myrcene- 1.63%
Pinene- .36%
Caryophyllene- .19%
Total Terpenes: 2.6%

LineageHaze x Hawaiian
Tasting Notes


Happy 94%
Uplifted 85%
Creative 78%
Euphoric 64%
Energetic 41%

Helps With

Stress 94%
Fatigue 86%
Depression 82%
Anxiety 79%
Pain 67%

Aroma & Flavor

This batch of Hawaiian Haze is bursting with terpenes coming in at 2.6% total terpenes. Hawaiin Haze is aptly names as it really does smell of a tropical mixture, super resinous and is very dense this is one of my favorite batches so far.

Very smooth smoke and the bowl seems to last forever as it is sticky as can be. I vaped this flower and got 13-14 hits off of it compared to the normal 6-7, it is not joke.

Lab Results

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*All 360° photos are of a single medium sized bud pulled at random out of our stock.*

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1 review for Hawaiian Haze B1

  1. Jeremy Nelson

    A similar strain has been my favorite for a while now, but this strain is the best haze variety, and in my opinion, the very best cbd flower right now, period. My old favorite Suver Haze is very good, my favorite up til now. This one has the power along with the best taste I’ve found. You will be amazed.

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