Lifter CBD flower provides a very gentle cerebral focus and clarity. A perfect balance of relaxation and energy. Flavors of sweet funk, with some hints of fuel and grape candy. This strain is optimal for daytime and evening usage.




Happy 86%
Uplifted 83%
Energetic 76%
Focused 72%
Hungry 54%

Helps With

Stress 93%
Anxiety 85%
Depression 81%
Pain 74%
Fatigue 65%

Aroma & Flavor

This strain packs a punch with a sweet skunk aroma with subtle hints of lemon. This new harvest is loaded with terpenes and is perfectly cured.

The taste is a sweet piney flavor that is great tasting both smoked or vaped with the latter being a stronger taste. The aftertaste is pleasant and lingers in your mouth with a great taste.

Lab Results

All of our strains are sent to the laboratory to assure top quality organic product. Click here to see the lab results for this strain.

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