*All 360° photos are of a single medium sized bud pulled at random out of our stock.*

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Suver Haze B1

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1/4 lb
1/2 lb
1 lb

This batch of Suver Haze has huge flowers, 1g, 3.5g and 7g orders will come with 1.5″ – 3.5″ flowers while orders of 14g and 1oz will have huge hand trimmed buds up to 8″.

The top terpenes in this batch are:

Myrcene: .98%
Caryophyllene: .34%
Pinene: .10%
Total Terpenes: 1.9%


Relaxed 92%
Happy 82%
Sleepy 75%
Euphoric 72%
Sleepy 62%

Helps With

Pain 93%
Stress 82%
Insomnia 78%
Anxiety 61%
Fatigue 53%

Aroma & Flavor

Suver Haze is a cross of the high-performance Suver #8 and Early Resin Berry. With a powerful aroma and flavor, Suver Haze offers notes of skunk and sweet fruits.

The smell is very similar to cannabis flower: rich and skunky, with notes of fruity sweetness and a pinch of citrus. We love the smell of this particular strain and the sweeter terpene profile it has.

When smoked, the flower tastes just like its high-THC counterpart: the expected dank, earthy notes of cannabis are there, along with a citrusy flavor upon exhale. Think orange and lemon zest—a little sweetness with a zesty kick.

Lab Results

All of our strains are sent to the laboratory to assure top quality organic product. Click below to see the lab results for this strain.


1 review for Suver Haze B1

  1. Jeremy Nelson

    After trying multiple strains, this became my favorite last year. I still sample other strains, but Suver smells and tastes so good and has such a balanced effect: if I’m slow in the morning, it lifts my mood and motivates me. If I’m restless or anxious at night, it mellows me out and seems to give a better sleep quality.

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